Yoga Retreat in cosy festival vibe

We’d love to invite you to join us into the heartwarming world of the Dutch Love Revolution. A movement that’s growing every day.

The journey began on an enchanted bus ride from Vrindavan to Rishikesh in India, while being on a pilgrimage under the loving and devotional guidance of Vedaji. He submerged us in the uplifting Divine energy coming from seva (selfless service) and kirtan (sadhana) in good company (sangha). Under his wings we were singing, dancing and sharing our hearts out. 

That’s where the Dutch Love Revolution was founded. 

Dutch Love Revolution Mission

Is to awake that Divine energy in the Netherlands, inviting every beautiful soul to experience Yoga in its purest form through seva (selfless service) & sangha (community of like minded souls).

A journey to the depths of our being, where we are reminded that the essence of our being consists out of pure, unconditional, transcendental, spiritual love, waiting to be un-covered within each of us. Guided by the wisdom of Vedaji, our loving spiritual teacher and friend, we’ll embark on a transformative exploration together. 

About the Retreat


This Yoga Retreat in cosy festival vibe is one of its kind, because of the co- creation with Vedaji & various Yoga teachers and mucicians from all over the world.

During the retreat we offer different yogapractices as Jivamukti Yoga classes (vinyasa),Yin Yoga classes, Pranayama, meditation and Kirtan, which is collectively singing of mystical vibrations with a group of people. There is plenty opportunity’s to do seva (selfless service) “When you see a job, it is yours!”

We also offer a special space for massages and ceremonies. You can book your massage on the spot.

Vedaji will guide us through the 5 elements as earth, water, fire, air and ether by various ceremonies connected with the elements & gives us teachings from the Yoga texts and his realisations.

We will connect with nature and absorb all beauty nature has to offer us. For example a traditional fire ceremony with chanting mantras and offering rice for transformation in our lives is one of the ceremonies Vedaji offers. He will also take us on mindful walks in the natural surroundings where we connect with all plants and trees and with our heart. Vedaji had endless wisdom, learned from the ancient yogatexts and realized knowledge. His workshops and classes have a practical approach, all with the main focus of healing the hearts and minds of all the beautiful souls he encounters, by sharing his heart and knowledge with us.

Retreat Location

We are invited in the beautiful natural surroundings of Eibernest in Liessel. Here you can camp in nature, dive in pristine water and walk for miles. During the retreat we have a sauna, hottub and cold bath waiting for you! 

Weekendtickets are included:

– a campground for your own tent or camper
– use of sanitair
– use of sauna, hottub, and cold bath
– all Yoga, pranayama & meditation workshops
– ecstatic Kirtan! – music & mantra co creations with various musicians and yourself. Bring your own instrument!

– Vedaji’s practical teachings from Yogatexts and realised knowledge
– 5 element ceremonies
– campfire stories
– delicious Vedic Indian Cuisine by Indian chef Shyam and his crew. All meals are included.
– unlimited herbal tea

Indian chef Shyam

Daytickets include the same as above only without an overnight stay. 

Adres: Eibernest, Hogebrug 3, 5757 RS Liessel

Sangha with music & mantra

“Sound is the source of all creation”

We organise ecstatic Kirtan! – music & mantra events during the year. Mostly in people’s livingrooms, yogastudios or on surprising locations. Sangha is a coming together of like minded people, and allows us to connect our hearts and immerse ourselves in spiritual vibrations, reminding each other of the pure, eternal, unconditional, spiritual love that we are.

We wholeheartedly invite you to co-create these sangha’s with us by sharing whatever flows from your heart. Everything from the heart is welcome, no qualifications needed and you are free to bring your own instrument! Let’s play together!

Check our agenda to see where we are and join us! If you want to contact us email or


Kirtan is a devotional yoga practice that originates from Mother India’s Bhakti Yoga tradition. The definition of Kirtan involves collectively singing of mystical vibrations with a group of people. It revolves around the repetitive chanting of various names of the Divine. Often in the form of call and response. These names represent different aspects and forms through which the Divine is expressed.

Kirtan is an integral part of Bhakti Yoga, the yoga of devotion and surrender—the path of the heart. Kirtan aims to bring us closer to our source which is eternal truth (sat) knowledge (chit) and love & bliss (ananda).

During Kirtan, you connect the external act of singing with inner silence, spaciousness and love. This allows you to turn inward, transending thought and come into contact with the Supreme Reality.

A.C. Bhaktivedanta Srila Prabhupada, spiritual leader and author of many books, says that everybody can partake in kirtan, no qualifications are needed for singing and dancing.

Kirtan goes beyond mere singing; it’s an experience of community and connection. It brings people together, creating a sense of joy and openness. The mantras and words emerge from a place deeper than thoughts and emotions. They draw us inward, revealing things we didn’t know were within us. Our own beauty resides here.

In essence, Kirtan is more than just music; it’s a spiritual journey that connects us with one another and with the Divine.


Do you want to support The Dutch Love Revolution?

We believe in the transformative power of love and invite you to engage with us by supporting the initiatives of the Dutch Love Revolution. It will help us to continue organizing heartwarming events that brings beautiful souls together and allows Vedaji to heal people’s hearts and minds.

Your donation is an investment in the betterment of our community and a contribution towards collective well-being. It’s an exchange of energy that transcends monetary value, fostering growth and positive change in our world.

We assure you that every contribution, regardless the size or form, is significant and deeply appreciated. It enables us to continue our work and expand our reach to connect peoples hearts.

Thank you for being part of our love-filled journey. Together, we can make the world a brighter, more compassionate place.

  • Join our events!! Check our agenda and Instagram to find out the things we do and where to find us!
  • Selfless service, as a growing community we can always use help with all kind of things and events to come. Don’t hesitate to be in touch and become part of our volunteer team. Email or
  • Give freely, even a small amount makes a big difference